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...because kids thrive in healthy families

Thrive is a collaborative family and community based intensive therapy program of Journeys of Healing, LLC. Thrive is designed to help families avoid disruptions such as foster care placement, behavioral health placement, and declining family functioning. Trained therapists work with the child/children and guardians to help the family establish a stronger and healthier family system.

Thrive operates from a collaborative model, tapping into the many resources a family has (i.e. social workers, schools, law enforcement, medical providers, etc.) to help bring about stability and strength.

How Thrive works:

1. Referral is made by County Case Manager to Journeys of Healing, LLC

2. Client is screened for program fit

3. Client and/or guardian fill out initial paperwork and assessments prior to first meeting

4. County Case Manager sets up initial meeting at client's home with therapist, client and family

5. Therapist meets with family in home or community weekly, typically 2-3x/week.

     a. 1-2 sessions with child at school

     b. 1 session at home with parents and/or

     c. 1 session at home with entire family

6. Therapist potentially works with family for 6-8 months to fulfill agreed upon goals

7. Client and family transition from Thrive to a lower level of service

Services Thrive Provides:

1. Diagnostic Assessment with recommendations

2. Individual Treatment Plan

3. Potential further assessments, based on Case Worker request (i.e. PHQ-9, CASII, SDQ, ACE's, Domestic Violence Inventory, Parenting Stress Index, Adult-Adolescent Parenting Inventory, Parent-Child Relationship Inventory, National Stressful Events Survey PTSD Short Scale)

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